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VSA offers benefits designed to meet your professional needs. Have you ever wanted to access current research you can use in your work? To develop personal relationships and a network of some of the most forward thinking professionals in the field today who will energize you in your work and expand your thinking? To attend a conference that inspires you to make positive changes in your institution or in your work, to expand your thinking, to affirm or challenge your core beliefs? If so, VSA has what you need.

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Membership Changes:

We’d like to let you know about some important changes to the VSA Membership structure for the coming year. Membership levels and fees have remained to same for several years, as you may know. The Executive Committee and the Board have, over the past two years, been surveying and talking to members about the value of VSA, and the best way to align our membership structure to react to this feedback while allowing us to expand our reach in the field. We wanted a structure that was simpler and treated all members equally, allowing VSA to engage with a broader member base.

To that end, the Board recently approved a change to the Membership levels, effective March 17, 2014. If you're a current member, these changes will take effect when you renew.

Our current Institutional membership, which allows up to four people per institution to join under one umbrella, limits the number of people in larger institutions that can participate in VSA. In addition, some benefits (such as the journal), are not given equally to everyone in this membership. Instead of this type of membership, we're moving towards having everyone in an organization join as equal, full members. We will, however, offer a discount for a number of people who join together from one institution. This is a good chance for others in an organization that can benefit from VSA to join you!

Basic membership is used less frequently, and does not provide the full set of benefits (including a substantial discount for the VSA conference). We are going to be eliminating the basic membership level, and encouraging all members to be at the full level, with full benefits.

We recognize that there many members who are retired, in a period of career transition, or temporarily out of the field. To that end, we're extending a large discount (70%) as a Continuing membership to those who have been members of VSA in the past and who can benefit from VSA even if their employment or economic circumstances make full membership not an option. This membership level also applies to those who have retired, but wish to continue as members.

We'd like to expand membership for those in school, or just entering the field. We're continuing our Student membership and adding an "Emerging Professional" level to encourage people who have been student members to retain their connection to VSA as they launch their careers.

Full details and prices for these new categories can be found by clicking on Join or Renew above.

You’ll probably find that changes to these levels will not affect the price of membership for most of you. Please feel free to contact the Association Manager at info@visitorstudies.org if you have questions about this structure, or how any of these changes affect your membership.

We're hoping that, between the conference, the journal, our electronic communications and the opportunities to network with others in the field, you find that your membership is an important part of your career, and an important resource for your institution. Thank you for your continued support and participation!

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