Evaluation and Social Equity Functioning in Museums

Please join us for a book club-style discussion hosted by VSA's Professional Development Work Group. We will discuss Ricardo A. Millet’s 2014 keynote address at the Visitor Studies Association conference, which was then published in Visitor Studies. The article can be accessed here. The conversation will be directed by the interests and input of participants, but some topics we would like to explore include: Millet advocates for logic models, and they seem to have been embraced by museum evaluators. But, a recent post on social media wondered whether logic models are still used in museum work. How have logic models worked or not worked for you? How does Millet’s description of logic models (pg. 9-11) resonate or not resonate with how you have used them in your work? Millet describes museums as being committed to social betterment (at least in reviewing museum mission statements). On page 13-14, he identifies questions and strategies for museums to this end. Considering the changes in our world since Millet’s keynote in 2014, how are these questions and strategies still relevant in our work today? How might they be expanded for our current time? Host Amanda Krantz from VSA's Professional Development Work Group will kick start the discussion and facilitate the conversation, but we encourage you to come ready to share your thoughts, and raise questions, too!
March 26th, 2021 from 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM