Members Only - Lightning Tool Share: The Social Distance and Civic Activism Version

In 2019, we hosted a lightning tool share to help us work more effectively and efficiently. Given the challenges of 2020, this year’s lightning tool share is focused on two things: Social Distance: What tools have you found useful in helping you collect data while social distancing? For example, are you using new technologies, implementing specific cleaning protocols, using different methodologies to help you practice social distancing? Civic Activism: What tools have you found useful in helping you engage in civic activism through visitor studies? For example, are you asking different questions, engaging audiences in different ways, presenting results to stakeholders differently? Our hosts will kick us off with some of their own tips and resources, and then we’ll turn it over to you. Each participant is strongly encouraged to bring one thing to share, whether it’s an instrument, software, an app, a data viz technique, a trick in Excel, or anything that has helped you in your work as related to social distancing and civic activism. Participants will be asked to briefly describe their tool and take a few questions before it’s on to the next one. By the end of the hour, everyone should have a wealth of new ideas and an expanded toolkit. A complete list of resources shared will be sent out to participants following the chat. To keep the conversation flowing we will not enable screen sharing during the chat. Instead, feel free to bring links that can be quickly pasted in the chat box so that participants can explore the tools on their own while you talk.

December 9th, 2020 from 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM