VSA maintains a listserv for members of the broader visitor studies community to post questions, proposals, and ideas for feedback. Please join us!


To join, manage your subscription, or access the list archive (a real treasure trove!), visit the VSA ListServ.

  • You can also invite others to join the list by forwarding that link – it’s open to VSA members and non-members alike.

  • If you reply to a particular message, make sure your subject line matches the original post so it’s easier to follow the thread (especially for those of us who receive a daily or weekly digest message).

  • There are a few kinds of posts that aren’t allowed and will be held back from the list. These include solicitations for business, sales of products or services, and job postings for permanent or term/contract roles. (For the time being, please go ahead and post your RFPs and other professional requests, such as for data collectors or other short-term project support.)

  • Finally, this is a community of learners and peers, where everyone has different levels and areas of expertise. Please remember to post and reply respectfully.