Visitor Studies Association Conference Awards

The Visitor Studies Association is proud to support attendance at the annual conference for newcomers who show great potential to contribute to the growth of VSA and the field of visitor studies. 

You are a good fit for our awards if...

  • You have not yet attended the VSA in-person conference (NOTE: This is required!) 
  • You are in your early stages of your career; you are in a first visitor studies job or still studying to eventually work in visitor studies 
  • You have some experience, but still need support and exposure to the field 

Sound like you? We want to see your application!

April Award acknowledges one early-stage professional who has shown great potential in their visitor studies career and desires greater involvement with their professional field. 

Student Scholarships are awarded to up to three students and/or recent graduates who have made efforts to gain experience with visitor studies and hope to learn more about the field.

Please note that we have adjusted our requirements to reflect VSA’s recent virtual conferences and the different kinds of access and experience they provide. Attending a virtual VSA conference in the past will no longer disqualify your application for either recognition, and we welcome students who have graduated within the 2022-2023 academic year to apply for a Student Scholarship in addition to current students and more recent graduates.